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Re: Q about installing F10 from Live DVD

On 4/21/2009 1:41 PM, jackson byers wrote:
>  Re: Q about installing F10 from Live DVD
> Kenneth Lee wrote:
>> Use the Live CD to "try out" distributions.

>> Download and burn the DVD, and use that for installations.

>> This seems to be true with Fedora.  Each distribution seems to work a
>> little bit different, but the live CD's seem to be good for trying them
>> out without
>> changing what is on your current hard drive.  Just don't "Install" if you
>> want to test!  Fedora seems to install "best" from the DVD.

> Kevin Kofler  replied
>>> The live CDs install just fine.  ...

> Well, the f10liveinstall cd didnt work for me,
> ( see f10 liveinstall cd trashed my main fc5)
> trying to install to one particular partition, sdb6
> it instead somehow clobbered my main fc5 partition sda1.
> undoubtedly mostly (entirely?) because of my own
> very limited experience re installs.

> Are there guidelines for using the install option?

> It seemed to insist on using LVM.  Can this be prevented?

> Not sure, but it might also have been
> trying to set up  separate /boot partition?
> If so, can that also be prevented?
> if it insists on that, I wasnt prepared for it,
> having only sdb6 i was willing to give to f10.

I wrote about this the other day but I don't recall ever seeing it show up.

First: A Live-CD *does not* install separate packages. A Live-CD writes
itself to your hard similar to the way you burn an ISO to a CD.

It will *erase your harddisk* and then write itself exactly as it is. You
have no choices of anything.

You boot the CD. You are looking at the OS running from memory. You decide
to install it to your harddrive so you click the install icon. It formats
your drive and writes itself to your drive. Exactly as it is on the CD. You
reboot, answer a few questions and you are basically done.

And *whatever* was on the HD before is gone. Period.

The size of the CD it limited but they have put what most people would need.
Anything else you install from the online repos.

All of that aside I would seriously doubt that you could update a Fedora
Core 5 install directly to a Fedora 10 install anyway. Too many years and
too many changes. If you do a fresh install the has been updates since the
Fedora 10 Live-CD was made. Probably another CD full of them.



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