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Re: size from df -kh vs size from fdisk -lf

> sda1 size = 190M
> how possible?
> advice, help on further  diagnosing this?
> Jack

After using fdisk or parted, one must do "partprobe" at the CLI to record
the changes. Both the OS and the Kernel need to know the changes.
Since your boot partition is involved, you may need a LiveCD for this.
Do "man partprobe" for more info.



but "I" didnt "consciously" use fdisk or parted on sda.
If it happened bc of my clutzy use of the liveinstall cd
then maybe I did, without knowing it.

Actually my present boot partition is sdb6,  /boot a dir inside,
so present /boot not involved with my installcd mistakes on sda1.
I have systemrescue cd so i probably can use that.

I have never heard of partprobe
is it really necessary if reboot after using fdisk,parted,gparted
if reboot after?

I am unclear re man page
       partprobe - inform the OS of partition table changes

       partprobe [-d] [-s] [devices...]
     partprobe is a program that informs the operating system kernel of parti-
     tion table changes, by requesting that the operating system  re-read  the
     partition table.

       -d     Don’t update the kernel.
       -s     Show a summary of devices and their partitions.
what exactly does   -d  do? 
-s   do nothing except show summary ?

are you saying  to  run it
as  partprobe /dev/sda1
or  partprobe /dev/sda  ?

will this operation shrink the size seen by fdisk to what is seen by df?
or what?
will it affect
sda2  swap
sda3 another linux partition

parted  shows same thing, but additional "incompatible feature"
root bootp ~]# parted /dev/sda
Using /dev/sda
(parted) unit mb print                                                   
Disk geometry for /dev/sda: 0MB - 36704MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system  Flags
1       0MB     22011MB 22011MB primary   ext3         boot
2       22011MB 26017MB 4006MB  primary   linux-swap  
3       26017MB 36701MB 10685MB primary   ext3        
(parted) check 1                                                         
Warning: Partition 1 is 22011MB, but the file system is 206MB.   
Ignore/Cancel? ignore                                                    
Error: File system has an incompatible feature enabled. 
does this last  tell us anything useful?
perhaps better to just reformat sda1?

thanks  for response

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