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Samba and Nautilus

I've notice that when trying to run Samba from a user account remotely I don't get the expected login as root request dialog box pop-up. Other services, that I've tried so far, that require root however do. This is on a Fedora 10 system. For right now I just changed the menu entry to start the app in a terminal window using the old su -c "app" trick as a work around.

On another unrelated item. On older versions of Fedora I was always able to open a terminal window, su to root and then start Nautilus. Nautilus then runs with root privileges allowing me to move files around and do some other system tasks without having to screw around with command line utilities. Now on Fedora 10 Nautilus starts and runs but does not inherit root privileges when started as root. This is rather annoying behavior and unexpected based on previous experiences with older versions of the distro.

Other items are several system tasks that pop up a window saying they are not running from the local console and doing so is assumed to be an error then clicking the widows clears it and then nothing. I'm running a headless box, no keyboard - mouse - display. All my access is through VNC on my local network or tunneled through ssh when I'm away from home. This behavior is also very annoying too. Assuming you have to be at the console to do some tasks using the GUI interface ignores people like me who run and administer there system completely on a remote connection. I don't want to be forced to use console access.

I would like to suggest that this behavior be changed on future versions. Or at the very least the configuration can be easily tweaked to allow it after installation.

Flame proof suit is now on.

Leland C. Scott

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