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Re: CPU freq & core temp


> The question is, how do I connect the core temp readings to the cpu
> frequency control?  The old userspace cpufreq had command line options
> for doing that.

Have you tried to use Gkrellm and gkrellm cpu freq plugin ?

> I have a valid lm-sensors config ("sensors" tells me the four core
> temps). I have /sys/devices/platform/coretemp.* and they tell me the
> right core temps.

It is not absolute temp. it seems 5-10 oC higher than real temp.

> It's a pre-built DELL box, no overclocking.  When all four cores are
> running at full speed (3.16MHz) for extended periods, the temp gets up
> around 85 C and the fans all speed up.  I'd rather keep it cooler than
> that.  One way is to reduce the clock speed.  Another way is to dust
> the fans off, which I'll also be doing :-)

You may 1) change cpu heat think, and/or 2) get down cpu voltage(what do
you say, i forgot, but many PC vendors do not support this), and/or .....
But you can try '/usr/sbin/fancontrol' if you have fan noise other than
high cpu temp. cpu temp limit might be 105oC or so.

// M.Iizuka

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