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RE: Virtualization for Beginner

One issue I had when trying Virtualbox is that it required kernel
modules to be installed in the kernel.  This is from memory, but I had
terrible trouble with it on my Linux box, but Vista handled it perfectly

I'm going to be hosing the F9 install that has VB on it and installing
F11 at some point so I'll try VB again then.


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das wrote:
> Hello Friends
> As a member of a local linux group called GLT, a few different distros

> of GNU-Linux we have to handle. One or two versions of each Fedora, 
> Ubuntu, and OpenSuse.
> Earlier, I installed more than one Linux on the HD just for getting 
> some suggestion when someone is in problem. Gradually, due to the UUID

> and all this is becoming problemsome. One brute way out is to rewrite 
> 'fstab' with device-names in place of UUID-s. But people say these 
> days a lot of applications read the UUID-s, so this may get 
> problemsome.
> So, after some friends suggested, I now want to go into 
> virtualization. And I know nothing. I have a really huge amount of HD 
> space, and 4GB memory. And my CPU has the virtualization flags. I am 
> myself using Fedora 11 Beta and I want to have virtual installations 
> of Ubuntu and OpenSuse on my system.
> Can you people please suggest me from where to start, some good 
> documentation, and not too technical. We are a Linux-User group, 
> mainly teachers in profession.
> Thanking You
Hi Das

I would recommend that you take a look at VirtualBox.  Its very easy to
get started with, without needing to know to much about Virtualization

See http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/End-user_documentation

And Good Luck

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