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File server

Dear All,

I am planning to set up a server with the following features :

1.File server where users can save their critical data, in their home directory
2.Space allocation for individual user on server (quota for home directory).
3.Users could change their own user password.
4.Client (PC and User) should authenticate from centralized location.
5.No other user / PC should allow to patch in the network.
6.Should work for Windows and Linux clients both.
7.Restrict users to load unwanted software and play with desktops /
screen savers and other files (may be through login script).
8.Centrally updation of antivirus patches (for windows users).
9.Monitor the users and their activity.
10.Authenticate for Squid proxy server also.
11.Should able to chat through lin/win popup

Can anybody suggest me which directory server (and combination) would
be suitable for me.
As I am new to the Linux, it should be a bit user friendly also



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