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Re: Effect on ssh of altering target's assigned ip address

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 05:08:15PM -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 17:16 -0400, Dave Feustel wrote:
> > After getting ssh to work, I altered the ip addresses of my computers.
> How? What exactly did you do? Are these addresses static or assigned by
> a DHCP server?

All my local net addresses are assigned by dhcpd running on the
> > Now ssh doesn't work and neither does ping, apparently (in the case of
> > ping) because my switch doesn't forget ip addresses even after poweroff.
> Why do you think there's a problem with ssh if you can't use ping? In
> most cases if ping doesn't work, nothing works, assuming pings aren't
> being filtered on the way to or from the target. "traceroute <target>"
> can be helpful here.

The problem with ping was a result of my switch getting confused after
I changed the ip addresses. I've gotten everything working again by
going back to the original address assignment and removing power from
the switch to make the switch forget address-port associations.

So does a change of IP address for an ssh target affect the way ssh works?
> You might also try "arp" to see if the IP<->MAC mapping is correct.
> poc
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