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Re: PackageKit run scheduling?

On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 10:57 -0700, suvayu ali wrote:
> Sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to put in some feature requests for
> Packagekit. Where would be the appropriate place for this?

Either on the PackageKit mailing list (probably best) or Fedora or
Freedesktop bugzilla.

> More importantly, I'm more interested in getting those included in Fedora.

Excellent. I don't think this feature would require much time at all.

> So if some of these features get implemented, how long will it be
> before it gets accepted in Fedora?

Well, if it needs string additions or changes (which it probably will)
then it can't go into F10 as it's string-frozen. I'm sticking with the
GNOME release schedule for gnome-packagekit, and rawhide and F11 are now
shipping an unstable series, and so any addition would be very easy to
add. Hypothetically, if a perfect patch hit my Inbox tomorrow, it would
be in Fedora 11 on the second of May. If it took a month of coding then
it would be in f11-updates-testing on the first of June. I'm pretty
aggressive with release schedules.

> Thanks for any replies.

No problem. Join the PackageKit mailing list. We're a friendly bunch of
people :-)


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