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Re: Virtualization for Beginner

Richard Shaw wrote:
On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 12:21 PM, Daniel B. Thurman <dant cdkkt com> wrote:
das wrote:
Hello Friends

As a member of a local linux group called GLT, a few different distros
of GNU-Linux we have to handle. One or two versions of each Fedora,
Ubuntu, and OpenSuse.

Earlier, I installed more than one Linux on the HD just for getting
some suggestion when someone is in problem. Gradually, due to the UUID
and all this is becoming problemsome. One brute way out is to rewrite
'fstab' with device-names in place of UUID-s. But people say these
days a lot of applications read the UUID-s, so this may get

So, after some friends suggested, I now want to go into
virtualization. And I know nothing. I have a really huge amount of HD
space, and 4GB memory. And my CPU has the virtualization flags. I am
myself using Fedora 11 Beta and I want to have virtual installations
of Ubuntu and OpenSuse on my system.

Can you people please suggest me from where to start, some good
documentation, and not too technical. We are a Linux-User group,
mainly teachers in profession.

Thanking You

Ok, I followed that wonderful guide, installed VirtualBox,
and chose XP as my first Virtual Machine, but I was
perplexed with "Virtual Hard Disk" menu.

It seems that VM Wizard wants to create an "image", but my
problem is, that I already have a multiboot setup with XP in
it's own primary partition.

The choices I have is to:
1) Create new hard disk
2) Use existing hard disk

and then it has a drop down for `media'

What exactly does it mean by choice (2)?

Do I have to use the XP CD/DVD and create a NEW
hard disk partition or what?  What are my options?


Take a look at section 4.1 or 4.2 in the manual I can't remember it
exactly. Or search the mailing list as this has been discussed
recently. To use an existing partition you create a .vmdk file using
the command line, sorry no graphical method yet that I know of. You
can add access to the whole disk (not recommended) or just to that
single partition (recommended).


I looked around for VirtualBox command line in the PDF manual
and could not find it.  However, I found this blog on how to do it,
however, the showstopper for me was being able to create a file
mbr such as winXP.mbr, which is a required step and this blog uses
debian's mbr package (for Ubunto).  Is there a Fedora equivilent for
creating an mbr file?

Here is the blog link on how to do it:

If there is a better howto, please let me know?

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