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Re: Q about installing F10 from Live DVD

On 4/22/2009 4:19 PM, suvayu ali wrote:
> 2009/4/22 David <dgboles comcast net>:
>> On 4/22/2009 3:33 PM, suvayu ali wrote:
>>> 2009/4/22 David <dgboles comcast net>:
>>>> On 4/22/2009 2:13 PM, suvayu ali wrote:
>>>>> 2009/4/22 David <dgboles comcast net>:
>>>>>> As I understand the Live-CD installs to the primary (boot) disk. That would
>>>>>> be sda. It will have a / in sda1 and a swap in sda6. It will be LVM.
>>>>> All this talk about live CDs got me thinking. If someone wants to get
>>>>> something not available on the DVD (e.g. XFCE) and have their custom
>>>>> setup on the local disk, the only way to upgrade is over the network
>>>>> using preupgrade? Isn't that rather restrictive, specially since a lot
>>>>> of the users have dual boot machines?
>>>>> What would be the options if I don't have a reliable high speed
>>>>> Internet connection? I am asking this as I wanted to get rid of Gnome
>>>>> completely and have XFCE instead when I upgrade to F11. But going by
>>>>> this, that seems unattainable. Am I missing something here?
>>>> There were two, official, Fedora 10 Live-CDs released. One that was GNOME
>>>> and another one that was KDE. There are some people here that made several
>>>> different, they are called 'spins', of Fedora 10. And one of the Live-CDs
>>>> was XFCE, IIRC, but it was only available with Bittorent. Again. IIRC.
>>>> If you had one of those official CDs, KDE or GNOME, they have to be
>>>> downloaded by the way, you could install XKCE and use it. It too would have
>>>> to be downloaded but the software installer/updater could get that for you.
>>>> XFCE is reasonably small. I just looked and it would be about 34 megs for
>>>> what looks like the basic desktop with everything needed to work.

>>> Thanks for the thought, but I'm aware of the XFCE Live CDs. My
>>> question is since live CDs don't offer the option to choose the kind
>>> of install, not even the option to choose the partition on the disk,
>>> upgrading to a clean XFCE desktop is not possible without loosing my
>>> current partitioning scheme. Is my understanding correct here?

>> With a Lived-CD. Yes. I said before that a Live-CD does not really install
>> in the common way thought of. It wipes the drive and writes itself to the
>> harddrive. Exactly as it is when it was made. Somewhat like burning an ISO
>> to a CD/DVD. What it is is what you get.

>> A update would take either the 3.4 G DVD or the set of 6 CDs.

> This is what I mentioned in my first post, the DVD _does_ not_ include
> the packages for XFCE. So the Live CD is the only way to get XFCE. If
> DVD re-spins (meaning, not Live media) were available with XFCE on
> them then that would make my day. :)

Hmm... I guess I have gotten confused between at least two, perhaps more,
conversations in this thread. You are correct, I just looked, that XFCE is
not included in the Live-CD nor is can I find it in the full DVD. XFCE would
have to be downloaded.

> BTW cheapbytes seems to be pretty cool. I'll look into that.

I had phone-line dialup for a long time sometime ago. 56k modems really only
do 33.6k so downloads of several CDs was 24/7 week long event. :-)

I bought from Cheapbytes on a recommendation of a friend and I have never
had a problem. One time I had a bad CD disk, number three, in the middle of
a set five. I emailed them asking for a new number 3 disk. They apologized.
I recieved a whole new set of five, no charge, in three days.



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