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Patching Vanilla Kernels with Fedora Patches

Hi All,

This is my first interaction with the list - hope this is the right place for this question!

I recently installed Fedora 10 onto a development machine, and updated the kernel to

During development of a C++ application for this machine, I was required to update and rebuild the Intel Graphics Driver for XOrg in order to fix a problem with the version of the driver I had. As I understand it, the latest version of the Intel Graphics Driver uses libraries that have been moved into the kernel with version 2.6.28.

I therefore downloaded the source for Kernel, rebuilt the kernel and the graphics driver, and fixed the issue with graphics I was having.

Unfortunately, I now have the situation when using the Vanilla kernel results in extremely slow burn speeds when writing to DVD-RW Drives. Where I previously had average burn speeds of 10-11x, I now have average speeds of 2.2x. Since this is core functionality for the C++ application I'm developing, it's something of a problem.

My question is:
Is it possible to apply the Fedora-specific patches for my Fedora Kernel (I have the source code for ) to the Vanilla kernel in order to see if this fixes my drive speeds?

If so, how do i go about this?

Thanks for any help in advance,

Dominic Driver
Paragon Electronic Design Limited

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