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Re: PackageKit run scheduling?

On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 01:41 +0200, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Speaking of that, is there any chance we can have PackageKit 0.4 in F10
> updates at some point? KPackageKit 0.4 requires it and there are plenty of
> improvements there over the old 0.3.1 release we're currently shipping.

There's no technical reason why this can't be done. I talked with Steven
M. Parrish a few weeks ago and he said:

"My opinion is to leave F9/F10 with the 0.3.x family and only upgrade
if/when all the translations are done or if a new feature in the 0.4.x
family is needed."

Which I agreed with. Most of the new strings in PK 0.4 have now been
translated, and so if you need the 0.4.x features, it might be a good
time to upgrade. My only slight worry is the fact that the codec
installer interface has changed slightly, so we'll need a newer build of
gnome-packagekit, which depends on a newer GTK.

It might be best to create a PackageKit franken-package with the same
interfaces as F10 (quite easy with git), and still get all the daemon
and backend improvements of 0.4.x.


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