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Re: Patching Vanilla Kernels with Fedora Patches

>Driver for XOrg in order to fix a problem with the version of the driver I had. As I understand it, the latest version of the Intel Graphics Driver uses libraries that have been moved into the kernel with version 2.6.28.

The kernel doesn't provide libraries for the X server or 3D. It could be
the newest X needs a newer version of the kernel 3D code.

> Is it possible to apply the Fedora-specific patches for my Fedora Kernel (I have the source code for ) to the Vanilla kernel in order to see if this fixes my drive speeds?

I don't believe it has any changes in that area.

The windows world way of trying to sort a problem by randomly swapping
versions of components until it runs is probably the wrong way to solve
this one.

If your CD drive is running slowly check your kernel configuration is
correct and you have the correct libata drivers enabled. Check the boot
messages (dmesg) and see what modes are being selected and which driver

If that doesn't solve the problem then following up here further with
some actual detail (controller type, cd type, section of boot messages
etc) has a better chance of making progress.


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