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Re: Q about installing F10 from Live DVD

jackson byers wrote:

��� David's experience also was that there was no custom option.

��� I purchased my cd from OSDisc.com
��� Fedora 10 KDE Edition - install/Live CD

��� is this some outdated version?
��� or a deficient version?
��� not officially supported?
��� How is one to know?

��� Jack

you simply clicked next on the partitioning screen with the drop down box that said "replace my existing linux install" instead of clicking said drop down box and choosing custom. user error all the way. afaik the live cd's have had custom partitioning since at least f9 if not before then!

I don't doubt that I somehow got into "user error all the way".
But I was quite conscious that I did not want "replace my existing linux install"
and would certainly not have clicked it.
If you are correct,
then if i somehow got into "custom"� then I may well have still managed to botch it.

I still find it curious however that David also thought there was no obvious "custom" leading me to think there could be� differences on various versions of the liveinstallcd.

Another question:
this thread "Q about installing F10 from Live DVD"
implies� it is a� DVD not a CD.
Do both versions exist? I have a CD not a DVD

And one final question:
Does the "custom" option include choice of not installing� grub to mbr?


Does the "custom" include� ability to not install grub on the mbr?

the problem is that 'replace my existing linux install' is already selected when you get to the partitioning page, and unless you click the drop down box you wont see the other available options. yes you can install grub on any partition using the custom option, and as long as you are aware of which partition number/s you want to install things on then i can't see you botching it in the custom choice.

all live cd's use the same installer, in fact fedora only has one installer 'anaconda' so the installation partitioning options are the same using livecd or dvd media.

there are only livecd's for now, no live dvd's, so in effect the thread title is wrong ;)


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