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Re: CPU frequency scaling problems in F10

On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 11:11 -0400, Ryan Lynch wrote:
> As I understand it, a kernel ACPI facility called "PPC", related to
> how processors express their capabilities to the OS, is faulty, or the
> machine BIOS is faulty. Either way, this PPC facility is incorrectly
> warning the CPU Frequency scaling facility that the CPU is running too
> fast, which causes the scaling facility to slow down unnecessarily.
> This requires a kernel or BIOS update to fix, but there is a decent
> workaround: Set the 'processor' module parameter called 'ignore_ppc'
> from the default '0' value to '1'. At runtime, you can set it via the
> R/W SysFS node '/sys/module/processor/parameters/ignore_ppc'. At boot
> time, use the option 'processor.ignore_ppc=1'--I added this to
> 'grub.conf'.

That sounds rather like ignore the problem rather than fix the problem
(move the detection threshold, or correct the temperature monitor
scaling so it provides accurate results).

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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