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Re: [OT] SSH login script - Help

Manuel Aróstegui wrote:
On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 10:12 +0100, Dan Track wrote:
Hi Guys,

I've written a simple for loop see below:

for i in orion earth;do scp /etc/hosts /etc;done

I have a small scripting knowledge so would appreciate some help. What
I'd like to do is somehow change the above so that the script prompts
me for a password and when I give the script the password it will use
it to auto-reply to any password promtps that scp asks for when
logging into all the servers. If I am right I believe readline needs
to be used. If it can't be done in bash can you give me a perl
alternative please.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Dan,
You might want to use autoexpect for that.

This can get you in security problems since you'd need to write your
password in the script, but as long as you use user and groups perms
correctly you should kinda safe.



I think Dan should first read the "expect" man page where he can learn how to provide an expect script with passwords or keys (independent from all security aspects you mentioned above).


Joachim Backes <joachim backes rhrk uni-kl de>

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