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Re: Lost Files

On Friday 24 April 2009, jolmstead wrote:
>I screwed up and now I am in a bad spot.  I hope someone can help me.  I am
> pretty new to Linux.  I am just taking my first course and setup a laptop
> with Fedora Core 10 and Windows Vista dual booting.
>Because of so many bugs and my lack of expertise my wife wanted me to move
> all of her OpenOffice.org files from the Linux operating system to Vista. 
> So I thought I could just move everything from her home directory to the
> /media/disk directory and all would be good.
>Well, from the command prompt I created a folder in /media/disk and moved
> everything there.  Then I booted into Vista and the folder wasn't there.  I
> thought Windows maybe can't read the directory created by Linux so I went
> back to Linux and to my surprise it was missing from there too!  Now it's
> nowhere to be found and I'm afraid everything she had is lost.  Does anyone
> know of a way I can retrieve those files?

I don't believe there is, unless someone has written an undelete for ext3.

/media is generally used as a mount point, and you must have a disk actually 
mounted there for the files to be non-volatile.  I just did a similar thing 
with a new 1 TB disk, I thought I had it mounted to /mnt/amandatapes-1-T and 
ran my initialize script, then umounted it and mounted it where it really 
goes.  Didn't work, it must not have been mounted correctly.  Fortunately, 
there was nothing precious lost.

Basically, one should have a little paranoia and copy, then verify the copy is 
there before deleting the originals.  Regardless of the OS.

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Cheers, Gene
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