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Re: Lost Files

jolmstead wrote:
I don't think I was clear enough on this, but the /media/disk location was
actually the Windows Vista partition.  And, like I said, from the command
prompt I created a folder in the root C: drive (which was /media/disk) and
then copied everything there.  I verified every thing was there from the
command prompt using ls and then removed it from the /home/user folder.  It
wasn't until I booted into Vista that the data appeared to be lost.  Nothing
was every interrupted and I did a standard shut down and restart to get to
Vista.  Does this change anything or is all hope lost?

/media/disk is usually a mount point that is dynamically created when an
external drive with an unlabeled partition is hotplugged, so it's a fairly
unusual location for mounting a partition on an internal disk.  Presumably,
you manually created the directory and mounted the Vista partition there.
If you did any of that wrong, I can think of a couple of possibilities:

  a) The Vista partition wasn't actually mounted when you did the copy.
     In that case you should be able to unmount anything currently on
     /media/disk and then see your files in the now exposed directory.
     (I'm really hoping you didn't manually delete that directory.  Doing
     "rm -rf /media/disk" or using File Manager to delete the directory
     would blow everything away.)

  b) You accidentally mounted something other than the Vista partition
     there, in which case your missing files are on some other disk

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