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Re: Lost Files

jolmstead wrote:
I don't think I was clear enough on this, but the /media/disk
location was actually the Windows Vista partition.  And, like I said,
from the command prompt I created a folder in the root C: drive
(which was /media/disk) and then copied everything there.  I verified
every thing was there from the command prompt using ls and then
removed it from the /home/user folder.  It wasn't until I booted into
Vista that the data appeared to be lost.  Nothing was every
interrupted and I did a standard shut down and restart to get to
Vista.  Does this change anything or is all hope lost?

Thanks, Jeremy

Have you copied files this way before with no problems?

I wonder if Vista may have moved the files because they were not supposed to be officially there. All my Vista experiences have been disasters.

Look for undelete tools for Vista as well.

Another thing that I have happend in the past, is that the drive/partition wasn't mounted and I created the directories and moved files. When the partition is mounted, the files are still existant but not visible. Boot into Linux and make sure that the Vista partition is not mounted and check again.

I don't think udev or hal will delete files from /media.

Robin Laing

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