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Re: gdm black on black

Murray, WJ (Bill) wrote:
  Hello all,
I was fiddling with the fglrx driver, trying to get suspend to work, and I used the ati/amd installer instead of
rpmfusion. Big mistake.
   Since then my system has been broken. I have reverted to
radeon, and fglrx from rpmfusion, but always the same symptoms:

boot starts OK, with the sun, on plymouth until gdm should take over and offer log in possibilites.
That step is black on black. I know it is working, because I
can log in, but even after log in the display stays black-on-black.
[I can check that I logged in via ssh] I have replaced gdm/xorg/compiz/other rpms but no change.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this please?
 Sorry ....

Hmmm, whenever I get strange things such as toolbars showing up in the middle of the screen or wrong screen resolution, etc. I usually end up mucking around in the .gconf* trees. I've actually made fixes there that stuck. Trying to fix these with the GUI seems to fix some things temporarily but the evil returns on next login.

Since you can't see what you're doing in runlevel 5 try typing "ctrl alt f2" (actually, depending on version of fedora, f1 through f5). This will give you a runlevel 3 (non-graphical) login prompt.

If you're feeling curious, brave, insane, etc. start digging through your home directory's .gconf* directories looking for things related to color, *or* you could do what I've seen recommended on this list before, and delete the .gconf* directories, which should be rebuilt for you automatically on next login. Your existing display management settings will be hosed but you probably won't be looking at black on black.

Hope that helps,

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