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Re: F10 install: no X server

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 14:09:42 -0400,
max <maximilianbianco gmail com> wrote :

> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 07:08:04PM -0400, lanas wrote:

> >   I'm trying to install F10 i386 on a recent dual core ASUS
> > motherboard with a embedded Nvidia GeForce 8200 and the X server
> > fails to start.  

> This last entry is your video. Which driver are you using? lspci -v
> will give verbose output. 

I've seen a couple of hints about this, so I've used the 'xserver=vesa'
option to proceed with a graphical install and subsequent graphical
boot.  Then I downloaded the nvidia driver.  And then the system would
not reboot anymore in graphical mode.  Fails to load the driver.

There's a paper calendar on the desk.

I looked at it.

I looked at the year.


And I'm trying to figure out a xorg.conf file to get a X server going
for a distro.  Not even a Linux system I made myself from scratch.


Thanks for the reply, but I'll try another distro to see if at least it
has figured out more things for me.  I'd like to use Fedora but perhaps
I'm aiming too high in my expectations of having a working X server in
good resolution after installation (not !)


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