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Re: Lost Files

2009/4/24 Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM comcast net>:
> jolmstead wrote:
>> I don't think I was clear enough on this, but the /media/disk location was
>> actually the Windows Vista partition.  And, like I said, from the command
>> prompt I created a folder in the root C: drive (which was /media/disk) and
>> then copied everything there.  I verified every thing was there from the
>> command prompt using ls and then removed it from the /home/user folder.
>>  It
>> wasn't until I booted into Vista that the data appeared to be lost.
>>  Nothing
>> was every interrupted and I did a standard shut down and restart to get to
>> Vista.  Does this change anything or is all hope lost?
> /media/disk is usually a mount point that is dynamically created when an
> external drive with an unlabeled partition is hotplugged, so it's a fairly
> unusual location for mounting a partition on an internal disk.  Presumably,
> you manually created the directory and mounted the Vista partition there.
> If you did any of that wrong, I can think of a couple of possibilities:

HAL does that. My XP partition gets mounted without my interference in


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