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Re: being root

On Sat, 2009-04-25 at 16:05 -0400, terry wrote:
> computer hp pavilion 9000    started with f10 live cd.  then onto 
> install on hd,
> was asked for root password at the beginning of install. did so. root 
> password works inside a terminal as needed.  d/l and install open office 
> from their website. during install of oo i am asked for root password. 
> the popup disappears when i click on ok. and i cannot put in password 
> for  root anywhere. when i tried to log in as root my password is not 
> authenticated. how can i become root everywhere than just in a terminal 
> box. this is private computer not used by anyone else.
> thank you.
I don't think root is allowed to login from GDM by default.

I'm confused why you would use use OOo packages from them instead of
just installing OOo packaged by Fedora.

If you cannot become root from a terminal (open a terminal type 'su -')
then you must have entered a different password for root. You can fix
that by pressing a key during 'grub' at bootup, press "a" to append an
argument to boot parameters, put a space and the number 1 at the end of
the line, press 'ENTER' and press 'b' to boot. You will boot into single
user mode. Type 'passwd' to change root passwd. Type 'init 5' to get
normal login screen.


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