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Re: [OT] SSH login script - Help

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Dan Track wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I've written a simple for loop see below:
>> for i in orion earth;do scp /etc/hosts /etc;done
>> I have a small scripting knowledge so would appreciate some help. What
>> I'd like to do is somehow change the above so that the script prompts
>> me for a password and when I give the script the password it will use
>> it to auto-reply to any password promtps that scp asks for when
>> logging into all the servers. If I am right I believe readline needs
>> to be used. If it can't be done in bash can you give me a perl
>> alternative please.
> Is there a benefit from not just using a login key (in authorized keys)
> to eliminate the need for passwords and also have the security of a
> single command which could be executed using the key?
It depends on what you are trying to do. If it is a task that you do
often, then it is worth while. But for tasks like this, that you do
infrequently, it is handy to have a key pair with a good pass
phrase. You use ssh-agent and ssh-add to unlock the key before
running the script, and then use ssh-add -d to lock it again when
you are done.


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