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Re: getting sound working (was determining this UUID stuff)

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Offtopic:
> The audio guys in particular.  Sometimes I long for the OSS days, at least it 
> worked when it worked, not this heavily distorted from overloads whisper at 
> subliminal levels for all system sounds I have now.  From FF, all the plugins 
> work great, but kde's sound effects other than the Charge that k3b plays at 
> the end are of the did I hear that, or was that my imagination working 
> overtime.  There is no one on this list who has the foggiest idea how to get 
> the crap fedora ships to actually work, and only maybe 10% of it has manpages.

I know the feeling - it took me a while to get sound working
correctly after upgrading to Fedora 10. Pulse Audio insisted on
trying to use device 1 instead of device 0. So it could not output
to my sound card. And because it was using the card, nothing else
could. Once I fixed that goof, all is well again.


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