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annoying domain.local issue

I have trouble accessing local services inside my company from my
Fedora desktop.

We have samba webserver at samba.domain.local and when I try to open
it via Nautilus it fails. I also have Windows XP running in VirtualBox
and Windows open this samba share with no issue.

Also pinging samba.domain.local works form Windows in VirtualBox but
doesn't work from Fedora.
There is also a web server at web.domain.local that also works under
Windows but doesn't work under Fedora 10. If I remember correctly this
all worked under Fedora 6.

Do you have any issues when domain ends with dot local (.local) ?

How can I troubleshoot this more and fix it?

Both Fedora and Windows use the same DNS and same default gateway.

Thank you in advance,

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