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Re: fedora 10 weird mplayer playback

Janez Ko¹mrlj wrote:
I upgraded to fedora 10 about a month ago. And since then mplayer doesn't play videos smoothly. The sound is ok, but the video plays to slow for a couple of seconds, then it plays to fast, to catch up with the sound, then it slows down again and so on. I did a fresh install from the live cd, but i reused the old home dir, so the user settings stayed the same. I installed Mplayer from the rpmfusion repo. I use the x86-64 distribution, on an AMD Pheom II X3. My Brother has similar problems on a completely fresh install (including home dir) on a core 2 duo laptop.

I have seen the same thing. In my case it just seems to freeze for the first few seconds. I didn't worry about it at first because I had bigger issues to deal with. I have the problem with no configuration files as using configuration files.

I don't have any problem playing the videos in VLC.

As it is a rpmfusion package, it would be better to ask them.

Robin Laing

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