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Re: USB MicroSD card reader fails to mount

Kam Leo wrote:

> FORMAT.  Like their standard sized SD and SDHC counterparts there are

i am familiar with *sizes* of sd series.

op, max pyziur, stated in his post;

>>>> This evening when I installed my USB MicroSD reader into a USB port it
>>>> failed to be mounted.

in my reply to your post, i stated sd card, as he does not mention size
of card and i am giving him credit to know what card he has. i may be
incorrect in doing so.

in your post, you state;

>>> What type of media did you put into the reader? Verify that your
>>> reader is capable of reading SDHC media. Many are not.

you are presuming that max has an sdhc card and that he is trying to
read it in an sd reader.

this really should be put on hold until max replies with a conformation of
just what card and reader he has.


peace out.



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