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Re: USB MicroSD card reader fails to mount

Much thanks for all of the replies and apologies for my delay in
contributing, especially since I started this thread.

The card is a 4GB MicroSDHC marketed by Kingston. I use it in my Palm
Centro phone.

Prior to reporting the initial error, I tried several possible solutions,
including remounting in a different USB slot, reseating it in the USB
adapter, rebooting the machine (an Intel Core 2 Duo 64 bit desktop)
(apologies, as yet I don't know what services or other processes/modules
are associated with the automounting of the USB MicroSD card reader).
None, at the time worked.

After reporting the error, I tried it on an i386 laptop and it automounted

The following day, after doing a number of yum updates, I tried mounting
it on the Core 2 desktop, and it worked. For me and others interested in
this issue, that doesn't resolve why the card/card reader stopped

However, now I can't replicate the problem.

But thanks to all for the help.

Max Pyziur
pyz brama com

> Kam Leo wrote:
>> FORMAT.  Like their standard sized SD and SDHC counterparts there are
> i am familiar with *sizes* of sd series.
> op, max pyziur, stated in his post;
>>>>> This evening when I installed my USB MicroSD reader into a USB port
>>>>> it
>>>>> failed to be mounted.
> in my reply to your post, i stated sd card, as he does not mention size
> of card and i am giving him credit to know what card he has. i may be
> incorrect in doing so.
> in your post, you state;
>>>> What type of media did you put into the reader? Verify that your
>>>> reader is capable of reading SDHC media. Many are not.
> you are presuming that max has an sdhc card and that he is trying to
> read it in an sd reader.
> this really should be put on hold until max replies with a conformation of
> just what card and reader he has.
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