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Treo 755p goes into boot cycle when connected to F10 over USB

I have a Palm Treo 755p.  Up until recently, I could connect the Treo to my Dell D830 running F10 and hotsync, or I could run Mobile Stream's USBModem app on the Treo and establish a ppp internet connection.

Recently, when I make the USB connection from the phone to the laptop, the phone goes into an immediate, endless boot cycle.  I know this could be the result of a million different things, but I was wondering if anybody out there had any suggestions.  ( #1 SMP)

I have tried all sorts of permutations of hotsyncing and modem usage over USB or bluetooth with various computers.  I can hotsync the phone with my D830 over bluetooth, but I haven't figured how to do the bluetooth ppp configuration.  USBmodem and hotsync work over USB on an Asus Z71a running XP.  If I boot the Asus into F9 and connect the phone over USB, the phone doesn't reboot, but the pppd script doesn't run to completion.  I also have an eee 1000, and I see either the phone rebooting or just the pppd failure, depending on what distribution I'm running.

I prefer USB, but I would try Bluetooth for dial-up, if somebody could point me towards good directions.  I would even change the distro on my Asus or eee if that was a solution.

Thanks in advance,

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