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Re: PCSCD failure

Todd Denniston wrote:

it looks like you have a ActivCard USB Reader V2,
with usb product id 0x0008

Some folks have had luck upgrading the firmware on SOME instances of that hardware with the latest firmware from SCM for the SCR-331.
see http://lists.drizzle.com/pipermail/muscle/
If it works then you now have a reader that acts like a

if it don't work I suspect you have a very light paperweight at the end, and then again, that is pretty much what you got now.

Before buying later I would suggest looking more at the pcsclite lists:

Good luck.

Thanks very much for the tips. I've downloaded the firmware and Windows installer, now I just need to get someone (at work) with a Windows box that isn't totally locked down, to run the firmware update. My NMCI windows box told me to drop dead when I tried it.

BTW, I once saw this reader working correctly on an FC6 installation, with a lot of hand installed packages. Too bad that the "improvements" to the code broke something that was working.



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