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Re: Question about upgrading Fedora (from fc6 to FC10)

Denis BUCHER wrote:
> 3. Whatever solution I choose, is it better to upgrade fc6 -> FC10 or 6
> -> 7 -> 8 -> 9 -> 10 ?

FC6 has been unsupported for a long time now and has not had updates
available, nor will there be any more updates since F8 was released!

If I had that system my inclination would not be to do an upgrade but to do
a clean install of F10.  Before doing so I would backup the user areas and
any system config files to a safe drive.  Then after installing F10 I would
yum update the system, and then copy back user areas and add the user lines
manually into /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow /etc/group and /etc/gshadow - and
then manually go through the system config files and get the various server
configs working one at a time.

Presumably you have /home or /opt on a separate drive or partition and they
need not be touched at all during the install.

Also remember that F10 has selinux enabled by default - so it is possible
you may need to tweak a few settings - also some things that you may have
had set up in FC6 may not work with selinux enabled - you will have the
option of setting selinux disabled after the install is complete but it is a
good idea to understand enough about it that you can have the system running
with selinux for additional protection.

Good luck.
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