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Re: nVidia vs. ATI graphics card for fedora

Globe Trotter wrote:

I am ordering a souped-up workstation and I was wondering which
graphics card is preferable for running fedora:

a 256 MB PCIe x16 nVidia NVS 290, Dual Monitor capable


a ATI Fire GL V3600 256MB, Dual Monitor DVI Capable 	  	ATI3600

What would you suggest? I do not need huge 3-d acceleration and
stuff, but want it to work well.

Please let me know if I should provide more information.

Best wishes, Trotter

I would normally recommend Nvidia as I have used them since the beginning of Fedora with little or no problems after fighting with ATI for over a month. But with AMD purchasing ATI, I would look at them as well.

I have a computer with an Intel video chip built on the motherboard but it doesn't like Fedora. It is the one chip that is not well supported in Linux. Replaced it with an Nvidia.

The AKMOD package is supposed to work like a dream but there are times that it hasn't. If you need 3D, I can only say that Nvidia has been great for me.

Robin Laing

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