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Re: strange ImageMagick dependencies

Rex Dieter wrote:
> If you want a fully-functional ImageMagick, all of those items are truly
> needed.

Well, the big problem there is transitive dep chains, e.g.:
libgnome -> fedora-gnome-theme -> nodoka-metacity-theme -> metacity
(This one sucks particularly, as it drags several parts of the GNOME desktop
into any system which should only need the libs. It appears still to be
there even in the upcoming F12 Rawhide. We don't notice it on the live
images as firstboot requires metacity anyway. On my F9 system, "yum remove
metacity" wants to remove 105 packages!)

Another one is librsvg2 requiring several GNOME libs, which require another
whole bunch of GNOME libs. Quite unfortunate for a library which should
just handle SVG files. (They use Cairo, which makes some sense, but also
stuff like gnome-vfs2.) This is how libgnome gets dragged in in the first
place (along with tons of other GNOME stuff). Interestingly, though, 
gnome-vfs2 is no longer required in F9 (I guess they ported to the new
gvfs) and this seems to alleviate the deps mess somehow ("yum remove
metacity" doesn't want to remove ImageMagick on F9). So upgrading to a
supported Fedora release should reduce the amount of problems for the OP.

        Kevin Kofler

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