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Re: Virtualization for Beginner

> VirtualBox-OSE (the Open-Source-Edition) is in RPM Fusion Free Updates > Testing for F10 since yesterday(¹). It'll get moved to the
> proper updates directory sooner or later.

> CU
> knurd

> (¹) Note that the RPM Fusion updates-testing repos depend on
> the updates-testing repo from Fedora. IOW: the kmods are build against > the 2.6.29 kernel in Fedora's updates-testing repo.

The version currently in RPM Fusion's updates-testing is 2.1.4, while the latest closed-source version is 2.2.2. Is it necessary to do anything to convert the contents of one's ~/.VirtualBox directory to work with the lower-numbered version? (As I recall, the update to 2.2.0 required a file format conversion.) Or can one just remove the closed-source package, install the open-source one, and have everything just work?

Also, for people who need the closed-source features such as guest access to USB devices, is it possible for the closed-source version to be in the nonfree repo?

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