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Re: How to find which disk a LUN is mapped to

Paul Ward wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need to find out which disk LUN6 points to on my RH3 box.
> I have looked at /proc/scsi/scsi
> This gives me LUNS from 00 to 05
> Does this mean 05 is infact LUN06?
If I remember correctly, it does.

> If so where can I see where that device is then mapped to?
LUNs are usually all on the same piece of hardware. For example, a
tape drive with a tape changer could have the tape drive as one LUN,
and the changer as another LUN, but they both use the same SCSI
device number. Another possibility is a LUN controller with multiple
IDE CD/DVD ROM drives attached. Each drive would be a separate LUN
on the same SCSI device number. Sometimes you will run into a CD
changer CD drive with each disk having its own LUN. (I had a 5 disk
changer that worked that way.)

Without knowing you hardware, we can not tell you what device you
are looking at. But there should be a group of lines in
/proc/scsi/scsi with the first line listing the controller card, the
channel, the SCSI ID, and the LUN. There should be a description of
the device below that. All the listings that have the same
controller, channel, and ID, but differing LUNs should be the same
hardware device. Look at the descriptions.


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