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Re: [OT] SSH login script - Help

On Saturday, Apr 25th 2009 at 21:55 -0000, quoth Bill Davidsen:

=>Is there a benefit from not just using a login key (in authorized keys) to
=>eliminate the need for passwords and also have the security of a single
=>command which could be executed using the key?
=>I do my backups that way, just passing an argument of full, incr, or config to
=>the remote machine and saving the stdout to a file. Security note: the remote
=>machine is free to compress or encrypt the data, so the machine providing
=>storage need not have access to the data.

Bill, I would have to say that the answer is yes. Besides the fact that 
logging in via a passwordless system is more convenient, it's also more 
secure; you're username and password is never in the clear. 

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