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Re: F 10 Start up Problem

> On Tue, 2009-04-28 at 21:54 -0400, Shannon McMackin wrote:
>> Mike Dwiggins wrote:
>> > Has anyone figured out how to get rid of the creping progress bars and
>> > get back the startup screen so you can see whats going on?
>> >
>> > I am having some service start problems and would love to be able to
>> see
>> > whats going on!
>> >
>> Pressing escape during the progress bar should allow you to see the
>> services starting.  Adding vga=792 as a kernel append in /etc/grub.conf
>> should give you the plymouth graphics.
> ----
> probably getting close to the point where this is unnecessary as
> F11-Beta is giving me plymouth startup goodness on my Aspire One so it
> seems that they have at least some of the kernel modesetting stuff
> worked out for F11.

FWIW, it works just fine on my Aspire 5100, too...but I get the text crud
on my desktop, with an nVidia graphics card.
Mike Burger

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