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Re: nVidia vs. ATI graphics card for fedora

Robin Laing wrote:
> But until there are good open source drivers that support full 3D, there
> are not many options out there.  Thank copyrights and patent laws for
> making it so hard to produce open source drivers.
> Without support for 3D, many users wouldn't touch Linux.  I know that I
> wouldn't be able to use Linux at home and I would be stuck with either
> Windows or Macs which my family don't like.

3D just works, without proprietary drivers, with:
* Intel integrated chipsets (except the GMA500, which is part of "Poulsbo")
* ATI Radeons <= r5xx (that's <= X1950)

So there's plenty of choice there, no excuses.

> As for the CANTFIX, I don't argue with that as it is impossible to know
> what the problems are.  It would be better to explain to the filers to
> submit the bugs to the manufacturer.

That's what we do. Unfortunately, users usually try to argue about it and
complain about us closing the bug rather than doing what they need to do to
get their bug actually fixed.

        Kevin Kofler

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