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Re: Apache Virtual Server

> Dennis Kaptain wrote:

> > [root confianza conf]# cat /etc/hosts
> > # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
> > # that require network functionality will fail.
> >        localhost.localdomain localhost
> >        confianza
> >        confianzaZend
> > ::1        localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
> >    amor                    amor.
> >    esperanza
> >    confianza
> >     BRNEE2FCB
> >    glitter
> >    fe
> > 
> >  
> Here you have "confianza" defined twice in the hosts file. It could make strange 
> errors happening.
>      confianza
>    confianza
> Othervise the config with * wildcards should work as it's on the example from 
> apache's own documentation. But it could be still that you
> need to have ipaddress instead like you found out in your post.
> -VPK

I commented out the class c reference to # confianza in /etc/hosts
changed my httpd.conf file to have *:80 in place of
restarted the network and httpd services and it went back to it's
old behavior of always returning /var/www/html/ regardless of what URL is requested.

So although it may be bad practice that wasn't the problem.
I decided that I really don't need that reference to confianza so 
I'll leave it out.


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