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Re: Anyone have Java working with Chromium

* Patrick O'Callaghan <pocallaghan gmail com> [2009-12-02 06:06]:
> I've been using the Chromium browser under F12 on my netbook for several
> days, and generally like it a lot (especially on the small screen). It's
> fast and doesn't eat RAM like Firefox.
> *But* Java sites don't work. This is a known bug with Linux versions of
> Chrome/Chromium but I wondered if anyone out there had managed to get it
> to work. I'm using IcedTea. Would it make a difference with Sun Java?
> poc

Hi Patrick,

The upstream Sun plugin does not support Chromium on Linux yet. The next
generation IcedTea Plugin does support chromium:


Since it is still under development however, it is not in F12. You can
manually compile icedtea and get it though. I will try to set up a wiki
page by the end of the day with instructions on how to do it.


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