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Re: KVM reboot fails

Bill Davidsen wrote:
Seann Clark wrote:

I have been searching google for about two weeks, and looking over everything else and I just can't figure this out, so I am polling on the greater combined experience of the list to help me out with this.

I have recently set up a virtual machine under KVM, which runs fine on my system. The problem is, I can't reboot the system, nor can it reboot itself. The Guest is running Windows 2008 Standard, and instead of shutting down, or rebooting, after it is all done, it goes to a BSOD, which only happens when it is trying to reboot. If I try to do this from virsh I get the error:

libvir: error : this function is not supported by the hypervisor: virDomainReboot

The host running the VM's is fedora 9 64 bit edition, that I haven't gotten around to upgrading yet (patch management is EOL, or very close to EOL, so upgrading is something I have been working on getting done) virsh is version 0.5.1 and qemu-kvm is version 0.9.1 (kvm-65).

Outside of sucking it up and upgrading, which is what I figure would need to be done, I would like to try to understand why this is having a problem. If I can fix this, I can take my time and fix other issues that are preventing me from upgrading properly instead of being rushed.

You call this a KVM issue, but you mention libvir, indicating that you have the libvirt stuff in play. If you can try running the image from the cli qemu-kvm, you might find that it works. That's not a solution, but a data point for another post.

It is possible to download newer KVM code and upgrade only that, I have an FC6 machine running a slightly more recent kernel I built from kernel.org code, with the kvm in use at fc10 time. That's not necessarily easier than "sucking it up and upgrading" particularly if you don't regularly build kernels. I have a device needing a closed source driver not available for recent kernels.

I have done a little more research, and did finally find something by drastically changing how I was searching. The guest is having problems with the VM systems 'bios' and how it handles the W2k8 power off requests. It looks like it was fixed with KVM-72 or newer, and a newer kernel. Based on that information, gleaned off of a CentOs forum, I would venture a guess that getting off Fedora 9, and to 11 or 12 would be the best bet. I will keep digging and test the VM after a host upgrade


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