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F12 Wireless Network intermittently Dropped: AR9285 card / ath9k module


I have an ASUS N51 series with Atheros AR9285 card that I just put F12 on. 
Today I brought the notebook on campus that basically has open wifi (we had to 
register our Mac address with our ID to be on the network, but otherwise it's 
open, no WEP, WPA or anything).

The problem is that I keep getting my network dropped intermittently. Every 
few tens of second or order of minutes my network would get dropped, and then 
get connected again. It's enough that I can't work with it, since I work by 
doing programming on remote machine via SSH. 

During all this time, Network manager shows reasonable wireless strength, that 
fluctuates between 2 bars to full bars.

Here's what /sbin/lspci shows as my wireless card:
Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network 

And looking at the output /sbin/lsmod, I'm guessing it's using "ath9k" module.

I've search the web and archive and found few reports here and there about 
something similar, but I couldn't find anything definite, or any workaround.

Does anyone have any idea that can help me ? Any workaround, even with 
different / older version of Fedora ?

Thank you for any respond.

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