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provider for google calendar

so I'm on Fedora 12, 64bit. It was an unpleasant surprise to find out that that some extensions for thunderbird from mozilla's website cannot be installed because of 64bit architecture (wtf? is this opensource or what?). Yes I'm talking about lightning calendar extension. Anyway, turns out some good people did package it and put in repository. But it is useless for me without the Provider for google calendar. And this one is not packaged and cannot be instaled from mozilla's website. So, does anybody have similar problem/has a solution? Maybe someone can point me to some "how to recompile Provider for google calendar" blog article?

thank you

Oleksandr Korneta

I'm running F9 x86_64 and F10 i386 on x86_64 hardware, should this matter.

/The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from./

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