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Re: Flash for my new F12/64 install

On 12/04/2009 03:43 PM, Tim wrote:
It might be unwise to get files from some third-party source, which
could be compromised or just plain broken.  And unnecessary when you can
get them directly from the people who made the file.

Jatin K:
I've uploaded that file...... I've got it from adobe ( downloaded from
adobe's site)

you can use it if you wish
You missed the point.  If you can get it from Adobe, so can everyone
else.  If the real source is somewhat hard to find, it's better to
provide a simple way to find it, such as a direct link to the right
page, rather than copy it somewhere else.

And not to cast aspersions on yourself, but you (or anyone else doing
the same thing) could have hacked what you got, and uploaded a hacked
version to hack other people.  That's why it's, generally, not a good
idea to use things acquired from unverifiable sources.

Ok ,  Next time I will take care ...

( I thought that it will be easy for the help needed person .... so I've made it too easy only for him ... if I've done any big mistake or Brock any list rools, I'm sorry for that )

Regards Take care

  ^ ^  Jatin Khatri


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