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Re: installing fedora packages on RHEL -- how bad the craziness?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   actually, this is technically about installing fedora packages on
> centos 5.4 but, obviously, the same issues apply.  and i asked about
> this on the centos list but i'd like the fedora perspective as well.
>   the short version -- someone running centos 5.4 needs a fairly new
> version of poppler-utils for "pdftohtml".  the current version of that
> package is 0.5.4, and there is (AFAICT) no updated version.
>   that package is currently up at version 0.12:
> http://poppler.freedesktop.org/.  for this person's software to work,
> his centos box *must* have a newer version of poppler-utils than what
> is currently available for centos 5.4.
>   apparently, the problem was solved by (yeesh) installing a newer
> version package in the form of a fedora rpm.  how the heck does *that*
> work?  wouldn't that make a mess of the package history?  i imagine i
> would need, what, --nodeps and --ignorearch?  but is there a better
> way to do this?  i simply don't see a newer centos/rhel package, which
> would be the obvious solution.
FWIW, I've a RHELv4.8 system for which I needed certain packages at
versions not supplied by RHEL.  In several cases I found what I needed
in Fedora and it installed without issue.  In my case no need for
--nodeps and --ignorearch or anything else to get what I needed
installed.  Frankly, if I found I would need --nodeps to install I
wouldn't since I feel it would be highly unlikely that the package would
then function as expected...or may affect other packages.

The only thing I had to do, for at least one package, was to add it to
the exclude list since up2date kept trying to downgrade it.

Also on the down side....  I fully expect this system would fail to
upgrade to 5.X should I attempt to do it.

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