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Re: Reorganising F11 partitions - how to? --follow-on

Hi all,

After following the various advice you gave me, I was able to a) move my /usr partition contacts to / & modify fstab. Trying to get rid of the /tmp partition put me into the "login-black screen" cycle, so had to leave that alone. Did the 11-12 preupgrade with the only problem of not having enoough space for the upgrade image in /boot; that got dealt with by the download alternative.

So... everything "sort of" works. Biggest annoyance (machine is a Toshiba Equium A160 loptop) is when the machine goes into powersave or I close the lid, the restart produces a screen that looks like a psychedelic nightmare. By knowing where things are, I can start some of the apps, but the text is not 100% readable.

2nd biggest pain is to persuade the graphics that I only want one screen image (maybe in 2 sizes for the Toshiba screen & my external screen), rather than an image somehow split over the 2 screens. -I'll be trying the script Marko offered during the week.

Then.... it appears that if I plugin a USB device, it gets recognised, but if I startup with the device already plugged in, it isn't seen. (Similar happened in F11 with my PCMCIA WLAN card, it was only recognised when plugged into a running system.

And of course, Skype still kills itself when I try to test the webcam.

OK, following on from the preupgrade idea... If I want to do a clean install, I have the choice of Live-cd, DVD-iso od CD-isos. I had some problems last year trying to burn a DVD-iso, so I'm wondering:- can I burn all the CD images one-by-one to a DVD & then boot from it & have the installer find the disc images as they are required? Or is it a must to have them each on a separate CD? Or.... as the Toshi refuses to boot from a USB device, can I do a someone was suggesting during the week, burn the initial disc to CD & then access the other disc images from a USB external drive?

As ever, many thanks for all your suggestions,

Dave in snowy Rauris

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