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Re: No system-config-display ?

Bob Goodwin wrote:
>>     I must admit I don't know how to change "env" and man env is not
>>     helping.
>>     I did :
>>         env DESKTOP_SESSION=xfce4
>>     but that did not make it work. It asks for pasword and then comes
>> up with the error message. I even tried re-booting the computer from
>> "poweroff."
>>     I started the F-12 computer and did yum install
>>     system-config-display and it does work as expected.
>>     Well I'm nearly at the point of updating this computer to F-12 too
>>     so it's moot I guess. Just waiting to see if there is an F-12
>>     Omega livecd.
>>     I would like to know how to change/add to the environment though?
>>     Guess google will tell me that if no one else does ...
>>     Thanks for the help.
FWIW, I am pretty sure I was barking up the wrong tree.....

It seems that DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID is actually related to Xorg than
anything else....and it is too late and I've got to get up too early to
really delve into it.


It would seem that you've always started system-config-display as a
normal user.  I'd be curious if you'd first "su -" if the same error
would occur.

Also, FWIW, there were several bugzilla's for various system-config-*
utils with the same error message.

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