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Re: No system-config-display ?

On 05/12/09 08:56, Ed Greshko wrote:FWIW, I am pretty sure I was barking up the wrong tree.....
It seems that DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID is actually related to Xorg than
anything else....and it is too late and I've got to get up too early to
really delve into it.


It would seem that you've always started system-config-display as a
normal user.  I'd be curious if you'd first "su -" if the same error
would occur.

Also, FWIW, there were several bugzilla's for various system-config-*
utils with the same error message.

   I crawled out from under my 'lectric blanket at 03:00 to investigate
   this ...

   I "su'd" to root and the results were the same. It's a recognized
   problem and probably not worth further investigation at this time.

   Thank you.


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