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Re: su hangs for 30 seconds

> As of a day or so ago "su" has started hanging for 30 seconds.  So has
> the lock screen.  Jiggling the mouse unblanks the monitor and shows me
> the backdrop picture but the password entry box doesn't appear for 30
> seconds.  I don't believe I mucked with anything PAM related, but there
> were a few yum updates in the last few days.  Is anyone else seeing
> this?
> -wolfgang

Hello Everyone
I am running Fedora 12, fully updated, and I have NOT seen that behavior on our 
But, I also run Fedora Rawhide in Sun's VirtualBox.  Until a few minutes ago, I 
had been experiencing that behavior.  I then proceeded to disable SELinux, 
choosing to relabel upon the next reboot (of the virtual machine, of course.)  
The result was that the "SU hanging for 30 seconds" issue was totally fixed.
Now that is how my virutal machine of Rawhide was set up, and that is how I fixed 
the SU issue.  That is not to say that SELinux has anything to do with the issue 
that the rest of you are seeing.

Oh, almost forgot: my Fedora 12 system, which has never had the issue of SU 
hanging for 30 seconds, has had SELinux disabled since very shortly after I did 
the install.

Steven P. Ulrick

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